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We’ll All Soon Pay By SIRU At Mobile Casinos

How convenient would it be if you could make multiple deposits at multiple casinos and only have to settle up a single bill at the end of the month? Well that’s the reality you can live if you pay by SIRU. Invoicing you for all you deposits in one bill which you can handle just like your phone, water or electric bills, pay by SIRU transactions give you greater control over your spending. Plus, it also helps mobile and online casinos make depositing simpler and easier than ever before. Best of all, you can handle all payments (and loans) using SMS, meaning you don’t have to fuss about with online accounts or worse – the actual mail!

Beginner Guide – How Pay By SIRU Works

The great thing about choosing to pay by SIRU is that, unlike other online and mobile payment methods, you don’t need to set up an account before making your first payment. Instead, you can simply select ‘pay with SIRU’ from the depositing options, and your first deposit will act as your account setup.
When you pay by SIRU, you’ll be texted an activation code to your phone, which you then need to enter into the casino payment screen to confirm the deposit. Once this has been done, the funds will be credited into your account, and you’ll be billed for all deposits collectively at the end of the month. How convenient is that?
Pay by SIRU deposits are limited to £60 and £300 a month – which is still up to 10x higher than mobile phone bill deposits – and means that the pay by SIRU method is a fantastic option for everyone from the casual to medium serious players. While we are on the subject of mobile phone bill deposits, a similar drawback is present when you pay with SIRU in that you can only ever deposit funds using this system. If you want to withdraw money from a casino, you need to use a different deposit method, or accept a cheque or bank transfer.

Why Pay by SIRU?

The benefit of using the pay by SIRU option at mobile and online casinos is obvious. Firstly, it’s a totally mobile payment system, meaning all you need to do to pay by SIRU is have your mobile phone with you. This does away with the need for credit and debit cards, login information, and even passwords, meaning when you pay by SIRU, it’s one of the most convenient and easy deposits you’re going to make.
One of the other big perks of the pay by SIRU method is that it logs all the transactions you’ve made using the system. Once you’ve made our first deposit by SIRU, you can then head to your SIRU account and check the entire history of SIRU payments you’ve made. This is a great extra layer of security, as it means no one can pay by SIRU from your account without you finding out about it. Furthermore, it’s handy at online and mobile casinos, because it means you’re able to pay by SIRU at multiple participating casinos without losing track of your spending.